Board of Directors

CancerCare Manitoba is charged by an act of the Manitoba legislature with responsibility for cancer prevention, detection, care, research and education for the people of Manitoba. We are dedicated to clinical, academic and business excellence, by enhancing quality of life for those living with cancer and blood disorders.

The CCMB Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic vision and planning at CCMB.

The CCMB Board membership of the corporation consists of:

  1. The chairperson of the advisory medical board appointed under section 6 of the CancerCare Manitoba Act;
  2. One person appointed by the Board of Governors, University of Manitoba;
  3. Six persons, each from a separate geographical area of Manitoba, appointed by the minister; and
  4. Three persons appointed by the corporation subject to the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.


Board Member Listing

Mr. Jeoffrey Chipman, Chair

Mr. David Mortimer, Vice-Chair

Mr. Vince Warden, Treasurer

Mr. Michael Evans, Secretary

Mr. Matt Bolley

Mr. Robert Campbell

Dr. Gary Glavin

Ms. Susan Graham

Ms. Darlene Grantham

Dr. Karen Juce

Mr. Jack London

Dr. Brent Schacter (Medical Advisory Board)

Ms. Mary Beth Taylor

Ex-Officio (non-voting)
Dr. Sri Navaratnam, President & CEO, CCMB

Mr. Gregory J. Tallon, Past Chair

Dr. Donald Houston, President, MSA, CCMB
Ms. Annitta Stenning, President & CEO, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

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