Construction Impact on Cancer Patients at the CCMB St. Boniface Hospital Site

  • 5/12/22 12:59 PM
  • CCMB Communications & Public Affairs

Closure of St. Boniface South Hospital Entrance by CancerCare Manitoba
On May 31st the south entrance of St. Boniface Hospital, by the CancerCare site, will close due to construction. Patients will not be able to enter or exit from this entrance.

It will remain closed until the spring of 2023.

CancerCare patient entrance during construction
After May 31st the main entrance to the hospital (off Taché) will be the only way to enter and leave the hospital for patients and visitors.

Someone will be available to assist you with directions to the CancerCare clinic once you are at the hospital’s main entrance.

Please use the east-side sidewalk and the lights to cross at Dollard Boulevard to get to the hospital’s main entrance. It is not safe to walk beside the hoarding on Taché street.

Parking and access on Taché Avenue will be significantly impacted during the construction of St. Boniface’s new Emergency Department

We would recommend that you leave for your appointment at least 30 minutes earlier than usual to find a location to park and give yourself time to navigate through the construction.

South Park Lot (closest to the cancer care site)

  • there is no access to the south parking lot off Taché
  • the parking area immediately adjacent to Taché is closed

Beginning in June 2022,

  • the majority of the south parking lot will be closed.
  • the area immediately adjacent to Taché will be available to park

Parking options (Map is attached)

  • the parkade and remaining surface lots around St. Boniface will have some public access for visitors, staff, patients, and the general public
  • the lots are first-come-first-serve and when the capacity is reached, the lots will be declared full.

Street & Sidewalk closures

  • one lane of traffic on Taché Avenue is currently closed
  • in June, a second lane of traffic on Taché will also close.
  • both of these lanes will remain closed until the construction is completed. (Spring 2023)

There will be no street parking on that portion of Taché once the second lane closes.