CancerCare Manitoba’s Guiding Principles

CancerCare Manitoba staff and its partners are guided by the following vision, mission, values and code of ethics.

Our Vision / Notre Vision

A world free of cancer.

Our Mission / Notre Mission

To reduce and, where possible, eliminate the burden of cancer on the people of Manitoba through exemplary programs of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, continuing care, research and education.

Our Values

  • Respect for People - Dignity, fairness, openness, equity, collaboration, co-operation, sensitivity to cultural diversity and identity, compassion, privacy, confidentiality
  • Integrity - Honesty, objectivity, reliability, responsibility, fidelity, transparency
  • Stewardship - Prudence, sensitivity to risks, opportunities and sustainability of human and material resources and the natural and built environment, accountability
  • Excellence - Timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, diligence, creativity, initiative

Code of Ethics

CancerCare Manitoba recognizes its responsibility to provide services according to its mission and the obligation to do so in an ethically sound manner. All individuals providing services within CancerCare Manitoba are required to live by the organization’s stated values, as well as commit to the following in any decision-making process:

  • Compassion and respect for human dignity
  • Professional competence
  • The spirit of service
  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Careful administration of resources
  • Recognize and deal with conflicts of interest
  • Positive environment
  • Safe workplace
  • Safeguard property
  • Compliance with the law
  • Informed consent

Professional codes of ethics are recognized and honoured within CancerCare Manitoba as valuable contributions to the ethical framework of our organization and the work done by our service providers.