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Volunteer Services
Phone: 204-787-2121
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Email: ccmbvolservices@cancercare.mb.ca

CancerCare Manitoba is proud of its volunteers, who contribute more than 25,000 hours each year to help provide excellent patient care through a variety of roles.  

Volunteers come from different backgrounds, with many of them giving back because they or a loved one have been touched by cancer.

Volunteer opportunities are available weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at two sites: McDermot Avenue, St. Boniface, the Breast and Gyne Centre of Hope, and Prevention and Screening Programs. Different volunteer positions are available at each site.

The time commitment for volunteering is one morning or one afternoon per week. There is a minimum three-month commitment. You can also volunteer on an occasional basis at special events through the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.



Volunteer Services at CancerCare Manitoba is still accepting applications for volunteers over the age of 18 during this time. However, volunteer opportunities are limited. Active volunteer opportunities include Runners/Couriers, Patient Guides and Public Advisors. See below for a description and details.

Volunteers must follow the COVID-19 precautions, which includes training on and wearing of Personal Protective Equipment such as masks. Please contact 204-787-2121 or ccmbvolservices@cancercare.mb.ca for more information.


Volunteer Services Gift Shop Re-Opening

Coming soon... 

If you are interested in volunteering at the Gift Shop or would like to donate any new, unused handmade creations, please call Volunteer Services at 204-787-2121.

Crafts and donations help fund the Refreshment Service for CCMB patients and their families.


Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you want to interact with patients, assist health care professionals or use your hobby or work experience to enhance patient care, there is a spot for you to volunteer at CancerCare Manitoba.

Here are some of the areas where volunteers make a difference. Please note, not all opportunities are available at every site.

Chemotherapy Clinic

Patients and visitors spend long hours in the Chemotherapy Clinic. Volunteers who are previous patients or caregivers provide support by:

  • offering additional comforts such as warm blankets, ice water, magazines
  • delivering snacks and light lunches
  • providing information about programs and services available to patients
  • assisting staff in maintaining a clean environment

Community Contact Volunteers

Are individuals living in communities outside of Winnipeg who:

  • Help people in their area connect to available cancer services and support
  • Are members of the Manitoba Cancer Network and provide a community perspective on the work of the network members

Guardian Angel Caring Room

The Guardian Angel Caring Room provides wigs, headwear, and laryngectomy stoma covers to CancerCare patients who may be experiencing the side effects of cancer treatment. These items are provided at no cost to the patient. Volunteers in the Caring Room help out by:

  • assisting patients in choosing and fitting wigs and headwear 
  • logging loans into a computer system (Microsoft Excel)
  • brushing and styling wigs
  • accepting returns and donations of headwear and wigs
  • booking patient appointments into a computer system (Microsoft Outlook) and responding to requests for information

Patient & Family Advisor

People who have a cancer experience as either a patient or a family member may choose to become involved as an advisor to the CCMB team in the following ways:

  • ongoing committees and working groups
  • speaking about their healthcare experiences to groups of leaders, staff and healthcare providers
  • participating in focus groups aimed at understanding patient experience
  • providing feedback on patient education materials, policies and documents, or discussion topics via email, telephone or online

Patient and Family Resource Centre

Located at CCMB's McDermot Avenue, the Patient and Family Resource Centre provides information to assist patients in understanding their cancer diagnosis. Volunteers in this area provide support in:

  • helping patients find material on cancer, treatments and methods of coping
  • circulating and recalling library resources using a computer program
  • providing refreshments to patients and other visitors

Pediatric Clinic

Volunteers assist in an activity program for children during their cancer treatments. These volunteers must have previous child-care experience and be at least 16 years of age. Volunteer activities may include:

  • assisting the child-life specialist
  • supervising the craft area
  • playing games with individual children

Peer Support

The Breast and Gyne Cancer Centre of Hope provide one-on-one support to patients through a Peer Support Program. Volunteers providing support are:

  • previous patients who are at least one year past the completion of their treatment for breast or gyne cancer
  • matched with new patients to provide ongoing peer support
  • matched according to diagnosis and treatment plan, age, family situation and other circumstances
  • able to provide a listening ear, encouragement and emotional support

Public Advisor

A Public Advisor Volunteer will offer their feedback as a member of the community and general public to support the Prevention and Screening Programs delivered by CancerCare Manitoba. A Public Advisor Volunteer will ensure that the public perspective is a part of decision making for the Prevention and Screening Programs. 

In this role, the volunteer will assist by sharing their knowledge and experience to:

  • Inform us about existing prevention and screening services
  • Help with planning and implementation of new initiatives or changes to existing program activities
  • Develop and improve educational materials, policies and documents

Public Advisor Volunteers will participate in small group discussions and respond to surveys aimed at understanding public perspectives. Feedback can be provided in person, or via email, telephone or online.

Due to the COVID-19, no feedback will be provided in person at this time.

Patient Guides

Volunteers assist staff in taking patients to appointments within CancerCare Manitoba and Health Sciences Centre. Their duties include:

  • providing a friendly, visible presence at the entrance of CCMB
  • offering direction as needed for treatment areas and various clinics within CCMB and the Health Sciences Centre
  • accompanying a patient to find appointments, using a wheelchair to transport patient if required.

Refreshment Service

Patients and their companions are offered nourishment while waiting for appointments or undergoing treatments. Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • preparing and serving coffee, tea, juice, and cookies throughout the day
  • making a light lunch of soup and crackers for patients receiving chemotherapy
  • engaging in friendly, supportive conversations with patients under the guidelines of CancerCare Manitoba's privacy policy


Volunteer couriers assist with ensuring the timely delivery of charts and patient samples within CancerCare Manitoba and the Health Sciences Centre.  Their duties include:

  • picking up and delivering charts, X-rays, blood samples and requisitions to various locations

Special Events

Volunteers raise awareness and/or funds for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. These are generally evening and weekend positions. Activities could include:

  • selling raffle tickets and merchandise
  • event registration and pledge collections
  • assisting at gold tournaments, fundraising dinners, walks and runs

For more information, please contact the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation at 204-787-4143 or toll-free at 1-877-407-2223.

Taché Site

The CancerCare Clinic is located inside the St Boniface Hospital and provides clinic appointments and chemotherapy treatments. Volunteers at this location help by:

  • interacting with patients, visitors and staff to help create a cariing, welcoming environment
  • preparing and serving refreshments at 3 stations
  • assisting patients inc hoosing and fitting wigs and headwear
  • assembling patient information packages, displaying resource information

Volunteer Corner

Volunteer Corner is a small gift shop where donated, hand-made and confectionary items are sold.
Volunteers provide friendly, welcoming assistance to patients and visitors by:

  • greeting and directing people
  • selling candy and craft items
  • raising funds for the Refreshment Service for patients and families

How To Become a Volunteer

CancerCare Manitoba offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to work directly with patients or behind the scenes to help its health professionals provide expert, compassionate care. Volunteers must go through an application and screening process. While it is the goal to place every prospective volunteer, CCMB management reserves the right to reject applicants.

Application Process

Applicants must:

  • be 14 years of age or older
  • be able to work independently
  • be willing to work as part of a team
  • have good communication skills
  • want to contribute in a caring environment
  • be willing to further the mission of CancerCare Manitoba
  • be prepared to uphold CCMB's policy on confidentiality

The screening procedure for volunteers includes the completion of an application form, an interview, reference checks and an orientation. Some positions require specialized training or experience and availability in some positions may be limited. If no positions are available when you call, your name will be added to a waiting list.
For more information on how to apply, or if you have any questions about volunteering, please call 204-787-2121. We hope to hear from you!