Noona has arrived for all patients!!

Ask your care team to connect you today.

CancerCare Manitoba’s Patient App

Noona is an electronic companion designed for patients to virtually and securely connect with their CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) care teams. This is to promote evidence-based care with symptom tracking and ongoing assessment over the course of the patient journey. 

Learn more about Noona, how it works, and what to expect:

As a patient you can:

  • Enter information about your symptoms
  • Send messages to your care team
  • Complete scheduled questionnaires prior to your appointment
  • Access your Noona account on a cell phone, computer, or tablet

Get Started with Noona

  1. Download the app if you will be using a smartphone/tablet to communicate.
  2. Contact your care team to request your Noona account activation link.
  3. Your care team will send  you an email and/or text with the account activation link.
  4. Activate your account and start connecting with your team via Noona!

Note: If you do not have a smartphone/tablet you can use a computer and skip step #1.