Research at CCMB

Embedding research into all aspects of cancer control is an essential component of CancerCare Manitoba’s mission to reduce the impact of cancer on our population through prevention, early detection and a personalized approach to cancer treatment.

Research is critical to improving patient care because it identifies new and innovative treatments as well as bringing the advantageous impacts of clinical trials conducted here in Manitoba. Research improves patient care and outcomes.

CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute

The Research Institute is the only provincial organization dedicated exclusively to improving cancer control in Manitoba through research and innovation. Coordination of cancer research across the province is a priority so that all Manitobans will have the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, research discoveries. This is made possible due to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation which, through the support of Manitobans, is able to generously fund research carried out at CancerCare Manitoba.

Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trials Unit facilitates and coordinates clinical research in the areas of prevention, treatment, palliation, and quality of life. Data collected from CancerCare Manitoba's participation in national and international research has influenced the standard treatments used today. Through clinical trials, patients are provided with the opportunity to access state-of-the-art treatments while helping future cancer patients.

Research has made a Canadian first possible

Learn about research at CancerCare Manitoba and how prostate cancer patients now have access to leading-edge radiation treatments here at home. Our research is helping cure men living with this disease. Men like John Unger.

Local research saves lives

Cancer has been a part of Peggy Miller’s life for nearly thirteen years. She is living proof the research at CancerCare Manitoba changes lives for the better. Donor generosity makes research and trials possible in our province.