CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Annual Grant Competition

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Results of the 2022-2023 CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Research Operating Grants

Multidisciplinary Team Research Grant was awarded to:

Principal Investigators: Dr. Mark Nachtigal, Dr. Kirk McManus, Dr. Jody Haigh, Dr. Kathleen Decker, Dr. Britt Drogemoller, Dr. Alon Altman, Dr. Janilyn Arsenio
A Novel Ovarian Cancer Platform in Manitoba to Facilitate Basic and Translational Research to Improve Patient Outcomes

Research Project Grants were awarded to:

Principal Investigator: Dr. Naseer Ahmed
Co-Applicants: Dr. Richard Keijzer, Dr. James Bras, Dr. Arbind Dubey, Dr. China-Li Hillman
Micro Rnas as Predictors of Radiation Induced Pulmonary Toxicity

Principal Investigator: Dr. Versha Banerji
Co-Applicants: Dr. Tanveer Sharif, Dr. Brad Doble, Dr. Robert Balshaw, Dr. Sachin Katyal
Identification of novel CLL treatments targeting mitochondrial function

Principal Investigator: Dr. Stacy Chapman
Use of Cannabis in the Management of Pediatric Cancer:
A Survey of Patient and Family Perspectives

Principal Investigator: Dr. David Dawe
Co-Applicants: Dr. Alyson Mahar, Dr. Kathleen Decker, Dr. Robin Urquhart, Dr. Julian Kim, Dr. Danielle Desautels, Dr. Versha Banerji, Dr. Phil St John
A missing cancer cohort - Using administrative data to understand prevalence and impact of frailty in cancer patients

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jody Haigh
Co-Applicants: Dr. Shantanu Banerji, Dr. Paul Park
Deciphering the Oncogenic Role of ZEB2 in B Cell Precursor Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (BCP-ALL)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Davinder Jassal
Co-Applicant: Dr. Danielle Desautels
Empagliflozin in the prevention and treatment of doxorubicin and trastuzumab mediated cardiotoxicity in breast cancer (EMPACT-BC)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Biniam Kidane
Co-Applicants: Dr. Julian Kim, Dr. Shantanu Banerji, Dr. Vivian Lu
Organ-Preserving Endoscopic Resection with Adjuvant RADiation & ImmunOtherapy for esophageal cancer (OPERA RADIO)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Harminder Singh
Co-Applicants: Dr. Kathleen Decker, Dr. Christina Kim, Dr. Piotr Czaykowski, Dr. Bernard Chodirker
Health Care Utilization among individuals with Lynch Syndrome

Calendar of Research Funding Opportunities

All funds donated to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation remain in Manitoba. These funds support CancerCare Manitoba's internationally recognized team of health professionals who provide outstanding care for patients and their families.

The Foundation’s mission, in partnership with donors, is to support CancerCare Manitoba’s strategic priorities. This year is the Foundation’s 20th anniversary, a significant milestone marking two decades of investment and progress.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has been able to grant more than $151 million since 2000. This support to CancerCare Manitoba profoundly impacts patient outcomes.