DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing Services


The Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology (RIOH), formerly known as the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology, provides a Sanger DNA sequencing service. This service is available for investigators at the University of Manitoba and research facilities associated with the University of Manitoba Initially established in April 1997. In the first 12 years of operation, the MICB Sequencing Facility had optimized the sequencing procedure and was able to offer sequencing results at a fraction of the cost at other facilities. As the technology matured our sequencers and throughput could not compete with newer technology and as such, in May 2010 we negotiated an agreement with Eurofins MWG Operon to outsource our sequencing requirement to them. This arrangement has allowed us to offer an excellent product at the lowest pricing in Canada. Our current pricing is as follows.

1)    Single tube samples..……………………...    $5.50 per sample

2)    Single tube PowerRead samples ………..    $8.50 per sample

3)    Plate of 24-94* samples …………………..    $3.75 per sample
The above costs include free shipping, free in-house primers (see https://www.eurofinsgenomics.com/en/orderpages/oligos/standard-primers/), free sample processing, free consultation, and taxes. Where applicable, expect 800-1100bp of usable sequence.

4)    ShortSeq (800bp) plate of 94* samples with your primers added..............     $250 per plate.
Cost includes free shipping, free sample processing, free consultation. Samples must be provided with premixed primers in appropriate skirted PCR plate**  with corresponding 8 strip flat caps**  Expect 800bp of usable sequence.
Samples can be plasmids or PCR DNA.
*Wells G12 & H12 on plates reserved for in-house controls.
**Preferred  plate Fisherbrand Cat# 14230237 with caps Fisherbrand Cat# 14230230

Sample Submission Procedure

To prepare samples use the Sample Submission Guidelines (Tubes or Plates) described on the RIOH Sequencing Request Form. Your template DNA, as a plasmid or PCR product, will be provided with or without primer in a 1.5ml Eppendorf tube or in capped, full-skirted, PCR plates**.
The samples, together with a completed RIOH Sequencing Request Form will be brought to the MICB Sequencing Room ON6042. Samples are placed in the small bar freezer just inside the room and the RIOH Sequencing Request Form is left in a mailbox on the wall outside of the room.  Samples will be shipped out as soon as 20+ are accumulated.  Once shipped, results will be emailed directly to the researcher 2 to 4 days later.

With our current sample numbers, we are usually making 2 shipments weekly; however, if sample numbers are high, more weekly shipments are made. For the past 6 months, our typical turnaround has been 3 to 4 working days.

Samples Submitted from the Fort Garry Campus

If you are shipping samples from the Fort Garry Campus use UM Truck Messenger Service for the same day or next day delivery. This service is provided free of charge to UM researchers.

If you have any problem or question contact Dr. Don Dubik 204-787-4146.

The Research Institute in Oncology and Hematology gratefully acknowledges the generous support of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.