2018 CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Research Operating Grants

  • 14 individual grants submitted, 11 funded
    • 79% success rate
  • 4 multi-disciplinary team grants submitted, 1 funded
    • 25% success rate
  • Total $ of awarded grants: $632,766.50
  • Cut-off score: 3.58

Individual Operating Grants awarded to:

  • Dr Shantanu Banerji , Dr Versha Banerji "Pulling the Plug on Small Cell Lung Cancer”
  • Dr Jim Davie "MSK directed H3K27 acetylation and enhancer activity in triple negative breast cancer cells”
  • Dr Spencer Gibson "Role of EGFR-TSSC4 in regulating autophagy in GBM”
  • Dr Biniam Kidane "PreOperative Treatment With ChEmotheRapy or ChemoRAdiatioN in EsophaGeal or GastroEsophageal AdenocaRcinoma (POWERRANGER)”
  • Dr Christina Kim "The impact of early palliative care on the quality of life of patients with advanced pancreas cancer: A case-crossover study.”
  • Dr Etienne Leygue "Interspecies co-culture as a new tool to investigate drug resistance”
  • Dr Boyd McCurdy "Improving Lung Cancer treatment outcomes with Four-Dimensional in vivo Patient Dose Verification using Real-Time Lung Tumor Tracking and EPID Dosimetry”
  • Dr Mike Mowat "The role of DLC1 Tumor Suppressor loss in PI3 Kinase Driven Breast Cancer”
  • Dr Anuraag Shrivastav "N-myristoyltransferase: One of the key determinants in ER positive breast cancer progression and treatment outcome”
  • Dr Donna Turner, Dr Zeb Aurangzeb "Estimating costs of cancer care by stage and exploring the determinants of cancer treatment costs in Manitoba”
  • Dr Issai Vanan "Role of Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) pathway in promoting Blood Brain Barrier (EBB) integrity in Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)”

Multi-disciplinary Team Grant awarded to:

  • Dr Marshall Pitz, Dr Marco Essig, Dr Lawrence Ryner, Dr Harvey Chochinov "Pseudoprogression in Glioblastoma”

Scientific Advisory Committee Members:

  • Marcus Blouw
  • Pingzhao Hu
  • Depeng Jiang
  • Melanie Martin
  • Steven Mink
  • Amir Ravandi
  • Mojgan Rastegar
  • Geert tJong
  • Mahmoud Torabi
  • Jeffrey Wigle

Calendar of Research Funding Opportunities