Results of the 2019 CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Research Operating Grants

Pilot Grants were awarded to:

  • Dr Jody Haigh "Creation of novel inducible Cas9 models for in vivo cancer and cell differentiation studies"
  • Dr Sachin Katyal "Identification of novel cannabis-derived therapeutics for the treatment of triple negative breast cancers (TNBC)"
  • Dr Sabine Mai "Disruption of chromosome territories in multiple myeloma"

9 pilot grants were submitted, 3 were scored with a cut-off of 3.98


Operating Grants were awarded to:

  • Dr Saeid Ghavami "Mitophagy and Regulation of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Bcl2l13 and NSCLC Metastasis"
  • Dr James Johnston "ATM is a Novel Target for Therapy in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia"
  • Dr Julian Kim "Surface Transponder Beacon (Calypso) Guided, Flap-Sparing, hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Mastectomy and Immediate Autologous Flap Reconstruction: A Phase I prospective cohort study."
  • Dr Kirk McManus "Defining and targeting the molecular origins of colorectal cancer"
  • Dr Tamra Ogilvie "Novel combinatory therapies for SHH medulloblastoma"
  • Dr Afshin Raouf "Characterization of therapy resistant cells in estrogen-responsive breast cancer tumours"
  • Drs Harminder Singh & Kathleen Decker "Colorectal cancer in young Canadians: examining changes in characteristics, incidence, mortality, and survival over time"

19 operating grants were submitted, 7 were funded with a cut-off score of 4.08.


Multi-disciplinary Team Grant was awarded to:

  • Drs Kirk McManus, Mark Nachtigal, Cyrille Bicamumpaka and Alon Altman "Examining the biomedical, clinical, and health outcome impacts of homology directed repair (HDR) in high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC)."

The total value of awarded grants was $719,454.

Calendar of Research Funding Opportunities