Underserved Populations Program

Finding the path to better cancer care together

The Underserved Populations Program is here to help people who due to geography, language, culture, or other barriers, may have trouble getting screened for cancer or receiving cancer treatment and support.

Our team strives to:

  • Support patients and families who may face additional challenges.
  • Build relationships in underserved communities.
  • Educate and support Health-care providers with health equity issues.
  • Address system issues that cause barriers or delays.

Contact Us:

CC16-825 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M5
Toll-free 1-855-881-4395
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Our Education and Liaison Nurse work with patients, families, and their health-care providers, who may have some additional needs along their cancer journey.
Patients and family members can talk directly to the nurse about their journey and available resources. They can assist health-care providers to obtain efficient service for their patients, from the point of suspicion of cancer through treatment, follow up and palliative care.

The education and liaison nurse can be reached at 204-787-4583, toll-free 1-855-881-4395 or (cell) 204-799-0971.

Webinar: Cancer Screening for the Newcomer Community in Manitoba

Watch our webinar Cancer Screening for the Newcomer Community in Manitoba to learn more about breast, cervical and colon cancer screening and resources for newcomers. Presenters: Lesley Baldry, Health Educator, CancerCare Manitoba Prevention & Screening, and Allison Wiens, Education and Liaison Nurse - Health Equity, CancerCare Manitoba Underserved Populations Program.

Community Engagement Opportunities

We want to work with underserved communities and our partners in care to build relationships, trust, and sustainable solutions to reduce the burden of cancer. Our goal is to engage with patients, survivors, families, and communities to help improve the cancer journey. If you feel you have something to share with one of our advisory committees, please be in touch. 

Current Committees include:

  • Newcomer Advisory Committee
  • Manitoba Cancer Network

First Nations Patient Guide

This handbook provides information about cancer, introduces patients to their health care team, and helps patients get ready for their first appointment at CancerCare Manitoba. This guide also lists different services for First Nations patients, including getting connected with Non-Insured Health Benefits and Health Canada to help with treatment and travel.

Cancer Journey Pathway

This infographic helps show what a cancer journey may look like for a patient and it also provides timeline information about when patients might expect to move to the next step along their journey.

The infographic is also available in the following languages:

CancerCare Manitoba Underserved Population Program (part of the Community Oncology Program) spoke to First Nation, Metis, and Inuit patients and family members about their experiences of being diagnosed with cancer. This video describes, from a patient’s perspective, how to deliver cancer information in a respectful way.