Kathleen Decker, PhD

Dr Kathleen Decker is a Scientist in the Research Institute of Oncology and Hematology and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She leads the Health Services Research Group in the Research Institute and works closely with the Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Registry at CancerCare Manitoba. Her research examines how and when Manitobans use health care across the cancer control continuum from screening to survivorship. The goal of her research and that of the Health Services Research Group is to investigate the reasons that contribute to the challenges that face cancer control (e.g., inequities in access, increasing costs, rising incidence) and generate new knowledge and evidence-based solutions to achieve better health outcomes, improve the health and quality of life of Manitobans diagnosed with cancer, and optimize health system performance and sustainability. She currently holds research grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Manitoba, a MHA from Dalhousie University, and an Honours B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo.

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