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Dr. Stephen Pistorius, MSc (Med), PhD, PPhys, FCOMP

Dr. Stephen Pistorius is a Senior Scientist at the Research Institute for Oncology and Hematology (RIOH).  He serves as the Director of the Medical Physics Graduate Program and the Vice Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program at the University of Manitoba where he is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Associate Professor of Radiology. He served as the President (2006-2008) of the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics (COMP) and is currently the President of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP). He is a certified Medical Physicist, a licensed Professional Physicist (P.Phys.), a senior member of the IEEE, and a Fellow of the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics (FCOMP).

Prof. Pistorius is interested in improving, optimizing and quantifying various diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and in understanding the radiation transport of clinically useful imaging and treatment modalities. He supervises numerous graduate and undergraduate students carrying out research in cancer imaging, specifically, in developing improved systems for cancer diagnosis which use scatter enhanced x- and g-ray techniques and microwaves; as well as on-line megavoltage portal imaging, aimed at real time in-vivo tracking of motion and optimization of complex radiotherapy treatments and in the use of artificial intelligence to help analyze images and to detect and classify tumors. The author of over 200 publications and presentations, he has received over $4.5M in grant funding in the last 5 years, is a Fellow of COMP, and he and his students have received numerous national and international awards for their research.  Students interested in research in any of the above areas are welcome to contact him.

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Phone: 204.787.4134

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